RV command line compare (A/B) two or more videos


Given two (or more) video paths, I have been trying to figure out how to start RV from the command line and giving it the paths to the videos to A/B compare in “Over” mode with a one-line command. So far I’ve got this:

rv.exe path/to/first.mov path/to/second.mov -comp over

However, this plays the videos one after the other, rather than simultaneously one on top of the other. Any advice on what I’m missing would be much appreciated, thanks!

I made progress with the -view flag, which seems to align the two videos correctly:

rv.exe path/to/first.mov path/to/second.mov -comp over -view defaultStack

However, that causes the timeline to display incorrectly and the videos to play out of sync:

It’s showing 4656 frames when the two videos are around 75 frames each.

It seems that the issue is somehow related to one of the videos I’m comparing - if I compare two other videos the command works:

rv.exe path/to/second.mov path/to/third.mov -comp over -view defaultStack

or simply:

rv.exe path/to/second.mov path/to/third.mov -over

Any ideas why the frame/timeline issue might be happening for certain videos? Could it be metadata related?

Hello! I’m still having trouble with compared shots switching frame rates.

Any luck on your side?


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Hi @Taranimator, if you have timecode on your videos (or specifically, one of them) you might need to align your time. You can do that in a number of ways, but the most command-line friendly way to do that (or at least that I can think of) is to set the start frame on each source.

Source-specific args can be wrapped in with the source it affects, so in your case, try:

rv.exe [ path/to/first.mov -rs 1 ] [ path/to/second.mov -rs 1 ] -comp over -view defaultStack

I think -rs will override an embedded timecode, but not 100%.

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