Comparing two clip sequences

I have two sequences of clips, say /path/to/A/foo[0-9].mp4 and /path/to/B/foo[0-9].mp4. If I bring up either one of them as follows:

rv A

I can see all the 10 clips concatenated together as one single sequence.

I would now like to compare A and B side-by-side, or one on top of the other (to use the wipe function). I can’t figure out how to do this – I have tried many combinations of layers and sources, but the best I’ve been able to do is to overlay just one of the A clips on the corresponding B clip.

Any tips appreciated.

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@Arun, you are probably looking at making a sequence of stacks (or a stack of sequences) to accomplish this. IIRC I don’t think that can be accomplished with the command-line syntax, but check out the that ships with RV and you can generate your own session files on the fly.


Thank you. Let me try that.

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