Is there a way to checkerboard two video layers in RV?

Hi there!

First time poster, long time user of shotgun/rv. I was trying to find some documentation for the ability to line two video layers up on top of each other and checkerboard the top one. Our production shot multiple plates for a shot and want to make sure they line up. Is this something that can be easily done in RV out of the box (i.e., without writing separate coding for it).


Hey Gavin!

You can compare sources in RV!

If you load up your two images, let’s say and, you can navigate to Session Manager -> Select your two sources (a.move and -> Click + button -> Select stack -> Under Stack, change operation to "add" so that your sources turn on transparency.

Now press F6 (Or navigate to RV->Tools->Wipes) and if you hover over your image there should be tiny little arrows on the edge of the image. If you select those, you can move them around to wipe compare!