How To Compare Two .mov files side by side in Rv player using python api

Hello All, I am new to Rv player and rv python api .
i want to write a script that compares 2 .mov file side by side in rv player using python api and how to run python scripts in rv player , please someone help.


The Layout node is by default in Packed mode so it will display its inputs side-by-side. All you need is to set the layout node as the current view-node. Here is an example that does the following:

  1. clear the session
  2. load 2 media files
  3. gets the layout node
  4. set the layout node as the current view node

I hope this helps!


import rv



layoutGroup= rv.commands.nodesOfType(“RVLayoutGroup”)[0];
rv.commands.setViewNode( layoutGroup );

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To open the Python Console, go in Tools → Shotgun Python Console.

Once you have types your python script in the editor, you can test it with the play button on the right:

For more information on using Python in RV here are some documentation links:

Python documentation :

Reference Manual (a lot of information on the topology of the RV rendering graph):

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the help sir.