Site can’t be linked, Autodesk Support is not helpful at all…

This will be bad if tomorrow no-one at my studio can work…

We are in the midst of deliveries…

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Hi @Ricardo_Musch

Only sites that have fully migrated to Autodesk Identity will be listed there. If your site is using dual mode or the old login/password dialog, it will not be listed. The last step in the migration dialog (step 4 I believe) must be completed, which is to turn off ShotGrid-based authentication.

For security purposes, only users listed in the list of Account Administrators on Account Center (where you would add/update your subscription type and credit card before June 7th) are on the allow-list to link your site.

If the user doing the linking is not on the list, it can be added in Account Center by one of the existing admins.

Failing that, you can also make a support request to have that email added.

Hoping this helps. Please confirm if you managed to complete the link step.



Thank you for clarifying this, I was under the impression the subscription linking was a different issue to the migration.
Because it was mentioned in the docs that full migration could take until October.

I’ll have to finish the migration tonight then…

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Hi @Ricardo_Musch

The migration deadline is different for Monthly users (those who would pay with a credit card each month), and the yearly/three-year contracts clients.

Monthly clients have 60 days from the date of their last payment (the first 30 days is what they paid for, the extra 30 days is free and to give time to complete the migration of their site and buy subscriptions). We have reached out to those clients with emails and banners. Account Center would inform them of their deadline.

For other clients, the deadline is October 1st (if their subscription has not lapsed before that date).

Sorry for any confusion there may have been,



It definitely says Oct 1st for our website.

I would at least expect that if you have different terms for different customers you would ensure you supply the correct information to each. In this case our window should have said “will be turned off on July 20th”).

It would be a funny mistake if the livelihood of my entire studio wouldn’t hang in the bounds of Autodesk Support tomorrow. Because they so far haven’t replied to any of my tickets…



It linked, I guess it had to sync and login.

However now next problem. We bought Yearly seats and monthly seats. Not sure how to link both to one site…

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

As can be seen from this migration help page (Help)

Can you log in on Account Center (https://account.autodesk.com) and confirm that the email used in your linking attempt is one that is listed as an Account Admin ?


just think it would have been helpful if the communication on all places was uniform.

Anyway, now to link my other seats and figure out why on my Primary Admin account I can see a user list and on the secondary admin account (where we buy the subscriptions from as it’s done by office manager) the user list is empty… :thinking:

I saw your edit,

Good to know that it did link… It takes a few minutes for the fact that a site has completed its migration to percolate throughout all of the different systems.

As for your subscriptions, if they are all associated to the same team, then they will be pooled together.

As far as ShotGrid is concerned, the total sum of the licences available is the important thing.


Ah, hmm, I will check the teams!

And for your user list, there is a guests toggle which you may need to use.

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Nope… now I dont have access to the site anymore and the link has dissapeared as well…

Our whole site is now inaccessible

Could you please share your site URL with me in a private message ?
I’ll see what I can find out.


Side note to the readers of this thread:

  • Once a site is linked to a team/subscription, removing the license of a user from manage.autodesk.com will de-activate the user on all of that team’s site where it is active.
  • The same is true if you move your ShotGrid subscriptions from one team to another.

My suggestion for moving a subscription between teams:

  • if before linking your site : no problem,
  • if after linking your site: open a support request, and let us do that for you. (until we automate that process)



Thanks so much Patrick for stepping in and getting things back up and running! :smiley:

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Yep me too, I was under the impression I had till October (it is in bold in the documentation)… I need to change my API for tomorrow.

Hi @eeight

Would you be so kind to point out the exact place which is confusing ? I would like to have that corrected.

That being said, an email was sent to all the site admins (for Monthly clients) on June 7th and banners were put up on sites. Visiting Account Center, you could see the exact that at which the migration needed to be completed based on your prior payments. But I agree that there is always room for improvements when this type of communication is concerned.


I must say that up until a few days ago I didn’t even know you could have a yearly subscription before the Autodesk switch.

I knew you could host locally and I assume that works with some kind of floating license server of some kind.

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

The local install solution is being phased out, so no longer an option for new clients.


Let me begin with a quote:
Any change, even a change for the better is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts

I was refering to the screenshot that you posted 2 days ago, Important: The migration deadline…, when I read it, I only see October 1. Call me lazy for not reading all the documentation, but I was not looking to work on this, I was pushing as far as possible :sweat_smile:

Well, it’s now linked. Thank you for listening me complaining… and sorry :v: