Site on hold


“Your account has been suspended” Great… I’m only paying for it.

Our site is “on hold” due to the migration time limit. We’ve followed the steps prior and have a new paid superscription via Autodesk. I’ve reached out to support, but with no replies so far. We’re kinda stuck at the moment, as we’re using shotgun at a daily basis… So any help on how we can get our site up and running before shotgrid conveniently deletes all our data… would be much appreciated.


Hi Daniel,

The step missing in your migration is likely to have a Primary/Secondary Admin link the site to your subscription.

If your site is still on hold, please send me a private message with you site URL, the purchaser email and the Subscription ID.


Hi Patrick,

Our ShotGrid URL is also on hold, and I can’t link it in the studio’s autodesk account because it cannot find the URL to link. What would you recommend be the next step?


Hi @vbarbosa

The usual process is for you to contact Autodesk Support.

Before making your site available again, you will need to provide a valid ShotGrid subscription ID and the email of the purchaser. You can avoid a round of back-and-forth if you provide those in your support request.

This helps us validate that there is indeed a ShotGrid subscription, and we can check that the email provided will be able to link the site.

Every ShotGrid site has an allow-list of who can link it. This is for security reasons, so that no one else will attempt to get their hands on your site. The allow-list is made of of the email of the person who requested the site initially, and any other emails of those in charge of updating the subscription and credit card on Account Center (ShotGrid’s old eStore).

Once the site is back online, you will have 3 business days to:

  • complete the migration to Autodesk Identity and turn off the ShotGrid sign-in, if not done already
  • link your site with a valid subscription


Many thanks Patrick,

I will follow up with support and provide as much info to prevent the back-and-forth.

I’ve been looking around for a private message button for 30min now… am I blind? :smile:

Not sure what you see,

But for me I simply click on your user icon (left click), and it shows this:

So I assume that clicking on Message is for private messages.

Admittedly I’ve always been on the receiving end, never the initiator.


P.S. I don’t believe that I see more infos on you than other users would, but let me know if you want me to remove the image.

Okay, that button is not there when I click on your username. I can see the rest of the info tho. Could I ask you to send me a message please? Maybe reply works. Thanks.

Hi parick,
I tried the free trial and after discussing its feasibility with my partner, when I was ready to pay, unfortunately, I was told that my account had been suspended, can I get any help from you?
thanks a lot if you can send a message to me

Hi @amberxiao

There is no way for me to know what your site is, as I have no way to know who you are.

Have you attempted to contact our support, as the page indicates ?


Thanks for your reply Patrick, I clicked the support page and was led to this community site, but according to your words, I checked again and found the support page, it seems to works, so I will wait for the reply and thank you all the same.