Urgent - "Site On Hold - Your account has been suspended..."

When I just tried to log into my site, I got this error:
“Site On Hold - Your account has been suspended”

What has happened? And how do I get access to everything again?
The credit card is valid so there should be no payment issues.


Have you migrated over to Autodesk Account and migrated your subscription yet?

Yes, I transferred the login to my Autodesk Account and now login to Shotgrid instead of Shotgun. I have not altered or adjusted anything else.

When I tried to click on the Autodesk Migration link I always got an error message, so maybe there is something else I need to adjust also?

You will have to go into Autodesk Account as admin on manage.autodesk.com and buy a new subscription.

The payments will now go through Autodesk and not via the Shotgun Management site anymore.

See this link for all the migration steps:

Thank you. I have now paid the subscription through Autodesk…

How long will the site be on hold until I can access it again and try the Account Migration link?

You will probably have to link the site from the Autodesk Account. See the link and follow the migration instructions.

Hi @ArneK

If you have opened a ticket, please add to it the information about your purchased subscription (the Subscription ID and/or the email of the purchaser)

Once we have that information, we will make the site available again and you will have 3 business days to complete the migration and site linking.

Linking a site to a subscription is only possible if the site is up and available. Once it gets suspended, you can no longer link it. We will see about changing that in the future.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just talked to Autodesk Support also and passed on your info. Hopefully the site would be back up within 24 hours they said.


Hi @ArneK

I believe that I just processed your request. Your site (if I am not mistaken) is now available again.

Please be aware that you have 3 business days to fully complete the migration and link your site to your subscription,


Curious if the Autodesk site states you have to purchase through a third party. Would it take long for the subscription appearing in the registered accounts products after making the purchase?