Migration issue - Can't Link Site

Hello Shotgrid Community !

I’m trying to do the migration. Every user has an autodesk account and can log on our site. But now we need to finish the migration and link our site to autodesk. But after following the instructions, we can’t find our site. Anyone having this issue ?

Since we are using shotgrid for only 3 months, I’m thinking of just recreate a site, but I need to keep the name of the studio. Is there a way to rename the first one to create a clean second one ?

Hope I’m asking the right way, it is my first post here, And really excited to be part of the community !

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What do you mean by “we can’t find our site”? The address would not change.

When I’m following the instructions here:

On the section " Activating a Subscription by Connecting Sites", when I click on “Create or link site”, I can’t find the link to the site of my studio.

Even when I want to convert the site, I’m not able to find a list with my site.

Same issue here, I will be livid if by tomorrow no-one can login…

Autodesk Support is crap as well…

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Hi @LeoJames

2 questions for you:
1- have you completely migrated your site to Autodesk Identity and turned off the ShotGrid-based legacy authentication ? (e.g. there is only one button on the login page, not two and not the classic login/password)
2- is the user attempting to link the site listed as one of the Account Administrator on Account Center (Help)

This assumes that the user attempting to link the site is a Primary or Secondary admin on a team that has purchased a ShotGrid subscription.

Hoping this helps. Please confirm if you managed to complete the link step.


Thanks for the answer !
1- I’m not sure that I disabled the shotgrid based legacy authentification, I’m gonna check that, but lately, the whole team used autodesk account to log in.
2- We use an account just to buy the licenses so we can centralize every license from autodesk, and another one to be the second administrator and really manage shotgrid. I’m not sure this is the good way, but the count that we are using to link the site is a second administrator

When I log in I have this message “This ShotGrid Site uses Autodesk Identity. Sign in to enter your credentials.”. And then, here is my login page.


Hi @LeoJames

That first step is really essential. It ensures that the only users on your site are Autodesk Identity users. So ensure that this is completed. Otherwise the site will never appear in the linking list.

For step 2: I am talking here about the user on manage.autodesk.com, not a ShotGrid user.

Centralizing purchases to one specific account is something done by many clients, and there should not be any problem with that.

Just ensure that that purchaser email is present in the list of admins on Account Center (not ShotGrid, Account Center is a different system).

Or you can open a support request for us to add that email on the allow-list for your site.

This is for security purposes. You would not want someone else being able to link your site.


Hi @LeoJames

So from your description, your site seems fully migrated to Autodesk Identity.

The next step then is linking the site to your subscription.


I’m afraid that it is the step that’s not working for me.

I had no trouble to migrate to Autodesk Identity, but linking the site doesn’t work :confused:
I’m gonna open a support request if there is no other solutions.

Thanks again.

Hi @LeoJames

For the linking process, 2 things to take into account:
1- check that the user attempting the linking is listed as an Account Admin on Account Center, in the Admins & Invoices tab
2- you may need to wait a few minutes between the time you turn off ShotGrid authentication on the site and the moment you can link the site in manage.autodesk.com It takes a few minutes for that information to propagate.

Hoping you’ll be able to complete the process without the need for a support ticket,


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