Create new site

We have an existing site, but it is a mess from all the, lets say “idiosyncratic”, fiddling with the site settings.

The studio is wanting to start from scratch, and do a simplified implementation as the previous attempts have not made a good impression on anyone other than those who set them up.
I can’t unpick the current settings as there is a small handful of people still using the current site and the projects there-in, so how would we be able to go around creating a new site? I cannot find any information on this on the ol’ google nor the ShotGrid FAQ.

Hi @MunkyButt

My first question would be : is your current site fully migrated to Autodesk account management ?
(meaning: having switched to Autodesk Identity as the only mean of authentication, and is your current ShotGrid site linked to an Autodesk subscription ?)

If so, you can ask one of your Primary or Secondary admin to follow these steps : Help

If your site has not been migrated yet, I would suggest that you wait until it is. Otherwise this will add work to your admins.

Hoping this helps.


Hey Patrick,

Thanks for the reply. We haven’t migrated across. Our current site has a skeleton crew of users and I don’t think any of them are even fully aware of this migration of service.
I will have to talk to the other stakeholders and get a migration plan in place.