Shotgrid questions

just like others we are a bit unsure about this transfer, especially on such short notice for exitisting contracts.

We usually create one shotgun site per project that we share across the the companys working on that project. As a result we sometimes have overlapping users that are part of multiple projects.

With Shotgrid, does that mean we only have to pay for each user once through the Autodesk account and he can access all shotgun sites?
What about existing subscriptions. Let’s say we have a user with multiple 3 year subscriptions still running for different sites. Will those be combined into his new Autodesk account subscription?
Will you match humanUser email adresses across shotgun sites/ subscriptions so we don’t get mutliple temporary Autodesk accounts for one user subscribed to multiple sites?
Once the migration is done, accounts will not be charged by the old system, correct? So humanUsers with “active” status in Shotgun won’t trigger any billing from that point onwards?