Adding Users

I’m having problems adding users. I have added them via the Autodesk page and assigned a shotgun licence but he still can’t access my shotgun site. I can also no longer add artists via the people page on my Shotgun site as I no longer have permission.

How do I add new users?

Hi @Michael_Illingworth

ShotGrid is different from other Autodesk products : access to a site is granted/controlled at the site level by a ShotGrid Admin.

This is because of the sensitive nature of the content on the site, where there are things people should not see or even know about.

You should do all of your user management on the ShotGrid site, as you were doing before. Adding a new user will automatically assign a license to them if needed (and if there is one available). And if you make a user inactive, the license will automatically be put back in the available pool if the user is not present on any other ShotGrid site of that team.

Assigning licenses from Autodesk’s is somewhat futile, as granting a license does not give access to any sites. You need to have a ShotGrid Admin invite them anyway.

The only exception to this rule: when you want to remove access of a user to all of your ShotGrid sites. Un-assigning the license of a user in will automatically disable that user on all the sites in your team where that person is active. So it is a global kill-switch if needed.

But that also mean that you have to be careful when un-assigning ShotGrid to a user (or even yourself).

The switch to Autodesk Identity and the licensing has not changed your user capabilities on the site. If you cannot add new users to the site, it is because:

  • your user could not do so before, or
  • you do not have enough licenses to add new active users to your site.

Unfortunately I am not able to tell which of the 2 situations is relevant from the details you provide.


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Hi Patrick - thank you for the response. I’ve just unassigned the licence in the Autodesk portal in the hope I could reassign it whilst adding him on my Shotgrid site but I get the following error.

Aborted request with Autodesk Identity: Current user must be an Admin logged in with Identity with a valid bound Personal Access Token

For reference I am the site owner/admin

Have my permissions changed somehow?

Hi @Michael_Illingworth

Thanks for the additional information, that helps a lot !

I will investigate and get back to you ASAP.


Hi @Michael_Illingworth

Just to confirm : are you doing this via the GUI or with a Script ?


Me again… and assuming that you are doing this from the GUI : have you signed out and signed back in since turning off ShotGrid-based authentication yesterday ?

I am wondering if you would not be using the same session as then.


Hi Patrick, that might have been it. I’ve just tried this at home and I was able to add my artist. That said, I am pretty certain that I had re-logged in after the transition :man_shrugging:

Thank you for the suggestion

I’m having an issue adding a person. I’m logged in as admin, on the people page.
I get Couldn’t activate XXXXX, try again.

I was able to add someone awhile back, but now it is not working.

Hi @tpolson

Always difficult to assist without visuals or more detailed informations (such as the site name).

So I can only mention general things:

  • if your site is linked to a team with a subscription, do you have any available seats left ?
  • were the first name and last name those of a real person ? Autodesk Identity is meant to be mapped to actual individuals, so some patterns are not necessarily allowed (empty fields, just numbers, etc.)
  • did the name contain something that could be considered a profanity ? There is a profanity filter applied.
  • some keywords are not allowed, such as ‘admin’. Did any of the name seem like it might be not allowed

Sorry for not being able to help further,