Shotgrid site people and external artists

Hi there, I have a somewhat basic question.

I’ve created my Shotgrid site and configured the different users for my project. Now I’ll incorporate a number of artists that they have Shotgrid users by themselves. How should I incorporate them to my site? Do I need to set up seat licenses for them, or can I incorporate them managing they their own licenses?


You need to setup seat licenses for them.

But the best/simplest way to do this is to buy subscription seats for ShotGrid and then just add your users in ShotGrid.
Dont use the autodesk subscriptions page because that just adds complications and extra work.

I you add someone in ShotGrid and activate their account the Autodesk will grab a license from your license pool and assign it to that user.
If the user hasnt got an Autodesk Identity yet then Autodesk will also create that.