Adding seats to site

I’m new to Shotgrid and I’m unsure how to add seats to my site. Does each individual member in my team have to purchase a subscription with 1 seat? I have 0 seats available under my own license - if they have their own and I add them to my site, will a new seat be added?

Hi @texgallion

ShotGrid does NOT support the “bring your own license” model : all the licenses used by the site users MUST come from the same team. The site is “linked” to that team.

The team is the place where subscriptions live. The team can have a number of different ShotGrid subscription types (yearly, monthly, etc,) all mixed-in, with different start/end date. But they must all be in the same team.

Users assigned to ShotGrid are not tied to a specific subscription. The logic is relatively simple. When you try to add a user to your site (which indirectly will assigne them a seat) :

  • If you have a number of entitled seats higher than the number of seats currently assigned, then you can add a user
  • If you have less entitled seats (but NOT 0) than the number of assigned seats, then you cannot add a new user. You will need to un-assigne as many user as it takes to get under your limit, so that you now have a free seat to assign.

Important : you do NOT manage your seat assignments in You manage your users from ShotGird, by adding/disabling them. This will automatically assign seats or free them, as a side effect of your actions.

Hoping this helps,


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