Can't add more seats to my subscription


I want to add more seats to my Shotgrid subscription but when I try to add more people to my workspace, it shows the following message:

Couldn’t activate XXXXXX, try again. The user must be created as active and linked to the site’s team in Autodesk Account by your primary or secondary Admin. If the user already exists, but is set to the disabled status, the seat must be assigned manually before setting the status to active.

Then I go to to check how many seats I have available and it says 1, but with no option to add more.

I try to contact support but they told me to purchase and additional subscription, but if I’m not mistaken, that wouldn’t work as the main account would still have only 1 seat.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem? :sob:

Thanks in advance!


It looks like your 1 user subscription expires in 2025 so you have bought 1 seat for a full year.

If you want additional seats you have to buy additional subscriptions.
The licensing is flexible, you can add seats on a monthly subscription (where you can increase and decrease the amount of seats each month or add in the middle of the month for a pro-rated price) or buy additonal 1 year or 3 year subscriptions.

As long as the subscriptions are linked to the same Team in your Autodesk Account and the Flow site is also linked to that same team, the license count will show up in the People Page.

You may only have 1 Team in the Autodesk management console (but some companies have multiple so they can manage licenses per sub-division). Licenses can be moved in between teams.

So what Support told you is correct, you cannot increase the seats on your current 1 Year Subscription until March 20, 2025, but you can add seats by buying additonal subscriptions with the license terms that you need.

Oh, I think I’ve got it. I’ll give it try. Thank you a lot! :grinning:

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