Subscriptions question

So due to the complete mess that the subscription model is for us here in NZ I went from one extra seat to -1 seat for some reason.
Nobody seems to be affected but I know a few people hardly ever log into SG. I assume it would only be a problem when everybody is logged in, right?! I assume the last person to log in would get an error?


Seats should be consumed by activating a user in SG.
Where are you seeing -1 seat?

In the upper left of the People page.What’s really bad is that I never got any notification about this, I just noticed accidentally.

Have you sent a ticket about this?
maybe something is not linked correctly in your subscription or information between the reseller and Autodesk is not flowing correctly.

I have given up on getting any help with subscriptions here in Australasia. Only frustration comes of it. Polite words but no fixes.

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Any chance you could advise or bump this up the chain?

I have had dealings recently as well for my own clients in Australia/New Zealand and the process of obtaining subscriptions for Autodesk Software seems extremely complex and convoluted.

Is it possible for sites in that region to link to a subscription bought in the UK/USA? Would that be an option?

I don’t have the time to explore that. I will send a support ticket but I’m not holding my breath. Autodesk keep blaming their credit card provider for the bad subscription model and take no responsibility.

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Just for posterity, this is what I am seeing:

This will have happened because one of the subs expired so I don’t actually think this is a bug. But I don’t know what the consequences are - there was no email warning me and no information in an obvious place. So yeah, will send a support ticket and ask what to expect in this case. To avoid any unexpected issues I just threw a bit more money at Autodesk for now and bought another sub.

Hi @frank @Ricardo_Musch

I am but a simple programmer, far removed from the complexities of sales, resellers and territories.

Seeing a negative number of seats is usually something that happens when one of your subscription expires (or you decrease the number of seats at renewal). It also happens if a subscription is moved out of a team that has multiple subscriptions. A look at the Subscriptions and Contracts tab of should at least give you a clue as which subscription expired. Then again, that part is not my specialty.

What does it means when a negative number is seen:

  • you have more ShotGrid seats assigned than you currently have available in your team
  • as long as you have 1 valid ShotGrid subscription in that team, no one will be kicked off ShotGrid. All of them will be able to use the product as long as they are not unassigned manually in or made inactive on their last ShotGrid site of that team
  • but you will not be able to assign a ShotGrid seat to a new person until you un-assign enough users to fall back under your seat count limit.
  • this is dangerous territory in that you have to be careful to not mistakenly un-assign someone. You will not be able to re-enabled them until your have seats available.

Hoping this helps,


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Thanks Patrick,

sounds like we could end all subs but one then and the team would still have access until I need to add somebody else. That didn’t sound right either, does it?!

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Hi @frank

The purpose of the mechanism I described is to ensure that no one lose access due to delays and human error. It is not meant to be a long term solution.

Over-use will be detected, and someone will at some point reach out to you and ask that the situation is resolved. If the situation persists, you will be deemed out of compliance and loose access to the site.

I am not a lawyer (and I hope never to become one), but the Autodesk End User Agreement and the Autodesk Term of Services likely has some small print on that topic.

I can only advise that you follow the rules and pay for each seat you use.


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Ah thank you, that is all a lot clearer now.