Need better subscription management

Hi all,

due to the collabortive nature of our workflows, we constantly need to add a bunch or people to SG, then, once they finish on teh show, disable the respective sub again.
As far as I can tell you can only cancel ordere as a whole but not single subscriptions which is a massive PITA!!!
So if I subscribe to 5 new seats, and one guy wraps up before the others, I need to cancel all five, then re-order 4 seats?

It would be so nice to just be able to cancel single subs, no matter of how they were ordered initially.

Or am I missing something?
I guess I will only order single subs going forward (which is also a PITA) so I do have the control to turn off single ones later on. Not cool though. It’s 2022 and this sort of thing should be a no-brainer (unless it’s a deliberate money grabbing design choice).


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Do you add on with monthly subscriptions? We have a base number of annuals with a few extras, and then when we need to ramp up for projects we add more via monthly. And then we just disable and don’t renew when those folks roll off. (We’re a smaller place so that’s reasonably manageable.) However when we added monthlies lately I had to go through tech support to have them added to our site, so that’s it’s own PITA. In any case, totally agree it needs to be an easier process.

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Yeah, we are the same. Some more or less permanent subs, and lots of ad-hoc ones.
So usually we need to add a bunch of seats early on a show, which of course is easier by just purchasing sevearl seats in one go. But then you can only disabel the auto-renewal for all seats within one order, rather than individual ones which is a massive headache.
Both workarounds are somewhat painful - disabld the order and renew it the same day minus the people that have left, or never purchase more than one seat per order.

Seems extremely poorly thought out and it has cost us a lof time wrangling.

I would recommend the following workflow which works for my clients:

  • A year/2 year sub with the number based on your core team or lowest number of people working during the year (this saves some $)

  • 1 extra Monthly subscription
    Then just manage this monthly subscription on the day before your charge date (set a calendar reminder) and use the “reduce seats” or “increase seats” function on the Subscription.
    You get a prorated charge if you add a seat later in the month.

I was thinking that at some point we might need to keep a monthly going at all times just to avoid the delay of having new seats added to our site. Good to know someone actually uses that method and it works! We might reduce our overall number of seats when we renew our annual and do exactly that. Thanks @Ricardo_Musch!

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I have never stumbled across a “reduce/increase seats” option? Having a very hard time navigating the Autodesk account page. It’s not intuitive at all.

I’m assuming @frank that you’re the purchaser for your account - you do have to log in as that to be able to see it I think. (I’m the admin on our ShotGrid account but for the “purchasing” we have a centralized login I have to switch to.) When you’re logged in as the purchasing person, if you have annual subscriptions and monthlies, they are listed separately - if you click through on the monthlies, it’ll show you the options to add/reduce seats if the monthly subscription is currently active.

Hmmm, I feel stupid (or blind). I am the purchaser and only have one account.
When I go to “Ssubscription Management” on my accoutn page I have several monthly purchases now (along with my annual one). I can disable the aut renewal for each purchase (for however many seats I boutgh respectivel) but I don’t see a way to add/reduce seats?

This is what it looks like when you click Subscriptions and Contracts and then click on the one you want to manage.

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Hmmm, I see this:

When I hit “Manage” I just get to stop auto-renewal for an order but that’s it.

I think its because your subscription goes through a reseller (Digital River).

Hm, I purchased it directly through the Autodesk site. Don’t even know what Digital River is. Maybe its because I’m in NZ.

Have contacted support now.

Thanks for the help guys!

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Talking to support and it’s a complete nightmare.
The reason I don’t have the same option as you guys is because they are using a different credit card provider in NZ (Digital River) and they don’t allow for adjusting seats.
So I guess I will be placing single seat orders only going forward. Lovely