Subscription Question

i am little bit confused about shotgrid subscription. I have 1 admin + 2 manager + 6 artist will work in shotgrid.
Do i have to buy license for only admin ? and have specific amount of artists + managers with single subscription ?
or do i have to buy for everyone ? (including artists)

Thank you

I would appreciate if anyone knows the details about subscription. I couldn’t find details what single subscription includes (user, clouds space, limitations…et) and how it works on Autodesk help content too.
and if there is a page / link that explains that would be great too. i couldn’t find it so far…


each user that needs access to ShotGrid needs a license (also known as a seat).

including artist position too ?

Yes every user except your clients.

I recommend getting 2 types of subscriptions.

1 subsciption for 1 or 2 years with an amount of seats that you know you will always require.

For example, for the next year you know you need:
1 x admin
2 x production
3 x artists

Get 1 subscription for 1 year (or more) with 6 seats.
This saves money (40 % I believe).

Then get another subscription for any seats you would like to be able to scale up/down.

Assign both subscriptions to your ShotGrid site and it will sum up the amount of seats available.

Thank you for explanation. :pray: that makes it clear for sure.

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