Shotgrid Seats Inquiry


I just recently purchased a license for Shotgrid for production work tracking. The trial version lets me add users to the projects without any worries.

However, post purchasing the license, I have 0 seats available to assign users. The website does not state any clarity over this situation. If anyone can help, please respond back with any insight you might have.

Hi @saadzaki

I assume that you have linked your site with the team containing your subscription.

Did you purchase 1 or multiple subscriptions ? If multiple subscriptions, are they all in the same team ?

Are you still able to connect and login into the site ? If so, in the People page do you see a seat count in the top left ?

You need as many licenses as active users on your site. You will not be able to add new users if you do not have available licenses for them.

One thing to look for : the purchaser always gets assigned a license of the product they buy. But the purchaser may not need to use ShotGrid. So you need to un-assign the product for that user.

All your user management must be done from ShotGrid. Assigning licenses from Account Admin will not grant users access to a site.

Hoping this helps,