Unable to use licences

Any help here please. I bought three licences over a week ago and Shotgrid can’t make them active. Clearly I am a tiny fish in a huge pool, but what is going on. I sent a new ticked yesterday and today I get an email telling me I am a ‘classic case for Client Services Support’, which is exactly the same email I was sent last week when I raised the issue. Anyone else had a similar issue?


Could you please provide more details regarding your ShotGrid can't make them active mention ? What exactly have you done after purchasing your licenses ? Did you link your site with your subscription ?

A bit of context would also help.

  • Were you on a trial site and wanted to buy ?
  • Did you already have a site ?
  • If so, how and when was it created ?
  • Were you trying to add more licenses to an existing subscription ?

Every ShotGrid site must be linked to a team and its subscriptions in Account Admin (https://manage.autodesk.com)

I’d gladly try to help if you can provide more details.


Hi Patrick

Site is fully paid up, in production, it was created about 5 months ago, I was trying to add more licences to an existing subscription.

The site is linked to the team and Account Admin.



To confirm the linking part, I assume that you can see a used/licensed seat count in the People page, right ?

Any new subscriptions must be added to the same team against which the site is linked.

ShotGrid will only be using that one team as the pool of license.

Also, you cannot mix NFR and Commercial licenses in the same team.

What is happening when you try to add more seats to your existing subscription ?

More details and screenshots if possible would help.


Hi Patrick

You can see on the people page, screen shot attached there are only 2 licences.

You can see on the Subscriptions and Contracts page, screenshot attached there are 1+ 1 + 3 licences.

I don’t understand what you mean by mixing NFR and Commercial licences.

I also don’t want the licences to auto renew.



Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 08.10.58.png


Thank you for the images, they make things clearer. But I would suggest that you remove the image with your subscription information from your post.

In my previous post, I did mention :

From your image, it is clear that the 2 new 1-seat subscriptions are in a different team (J****** C*** - 4505) from the 3-seats subscription (M*** S******* - 4096)

You must move the 3-seats subscription into the same team as the other two. As soon as you do this, you will have those additional seats immediately available.

The instructions to do so are here: Manage teams in Autodesk Account | Account Management | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Hoping that this solves your issue,


Hi Patrick
Thanks for getting back to me - following the instructions on the link you sent me, I presume I want to move from Mark Sherwood to Jessica Chen, when I try to do this I get the attached pop up. I can’t unassign any more seats. I don’t understand. Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 14.53.56|690x264


You cannot move a subscription that has users assigned to it.

If you go into User ManagementBy Product , select the Mark Sherwood - 4096 team from the team drop-down, you will see that 1 of your 3 seats is assigned… it is assigned to you.

The purchaser of a subscription always has 1 seat assigned to them, if they do not have one already, at purchase time.

Un-assign that license and try to move the subscription again as you were trying.


Thanks again for your reply, I have got there but it has been hard work.

I would suggest you make licence purchase/transfer much simpler so a dumb ass like me can get it.


Hi Patrick

I am now getting a message saying I am not an active user?

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 09.40.44.png

Hi @AMS ,

I will need the URL of the site that you were attempting to connect to.



Is the issue still present ?


It has been fixed, thanks for the mail