ShotGrid active users doesn't match with licenses purchased in Autodesk Admin Portal

In the below screenshot (ShotGrid people page), there are “8 seats available | 170 seats total”. From filter panel or bottom of the page, total active users are 157. The number of “active user” and number of “seats total” doesn’t match.our 5 licenses is missing.
So, how we can find out ?

Hi @sonuv !

Don’t know if that will fix your issue but have you tried the new account trouble shooting tool from the latest SG release?


As a admin user , I am not able to see User Status Diagnostic Tool on the people page.Please see below attatchment:

This actually seems broken on my site too, and no sync option.

I’ll put in a ticket.

Hi guys , how can solve above given issue ?

Send a ticket to Autodesk Support if your count doesnt match and you don’t have the option to resync.

You can reach support here:
Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Okay, but My issue has been resolved.
Thanks everyone for helping me.

Yes seems 8.5 has slved this.