Post Migration - Account Creation Process

Hey All,
I’m in the midst of migrating my site and the artists over but was curious…

What is the process for adding new users after migration has been completed? How do we link them to our ShotGrid site?

Thank you!

Hi @ryan-z

After the migration, and linking your site to a team with a valid subscription, all of your user management should be done from ShotGrid. Exactly as you were doing before.

When inviting new users, they will automatically received an invitation to complete the creation of their Autodesk Identity user, if they do not have an account already.

A license will also be automatically assigned to them from the pool of available licenses in that team’s subscription. If there are none available, the user will be created as inactive. An admin can enable them whenever a license becomes available.

ShotGrid is different from other software : it may expose users to content that is highly controlled and sensitive. Being assigned a license should not at the same time give you access to content.

Which is why access to a ShotGrid site is still controlled by ShotGrid Admins, from the site itself.

Doing user management from is a big of a wasted effort : the users will still need to be granted access to a site by a ShotGrid Admin.

The only thing that should be done from the Account Admin : removing the license of a user. This will effectively disable that person on all the ShotGrid sites of that team. Useful if you need to deny someone access to your sites in one simple step.

Hoping this makes things a bit clearer.


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