Named user multi-site access , how does it work?

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If one user had been assigned to one project site , can they be assigned to another project site without consuming extra seat ? If yes , how do you do that ?

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Hi @cha

If the sites are linked to the same team, then no additional license will be necessary.

Just invite the user on the other site : create a new ShotGrid user, using the named-user email

Always do your user management from the ShotGrid side, never from Account Admin.

Ref: Help

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So you are saying that if you run two SG sites via the same Autodesk account you can have the same users across both sites without paying double?

yes ! That’s what i meant

Cool, I wasn’t aware that would be the case. Might come in handy for our plans this year.

You are correct: no additional costs for the same user existing on multiple sites of the same team. The same license assignment is used for all sites of that time.


Cool, so there is no additional cost at all then if you set up a second site with the same users or am I missing something?

It needs to be on the same team in Autodesk account right ? If not the users from Autodesk different teams need to purchase seats .

I assume that won’t be an issue. My situation is that we work with a partner company and when we team up for larger shows we all use my site. However, going forward it may be worth a look at having a separate one for shows that they run. In that case I assume I could create another site under my account and add all users to the same team, then we all would have access to our site as well as theirs at no additional cost, right?!

For example ,

company A (studio who outsource works)
company B (vendor)

If A outsourced project to B and invite artist from B to join project A , A will still need to purchase extra seat for B ?

Hi @cha

Access to a site requires a license from the team against which that site has been linked.

As a user freelancing for multiple companies, you will need a license from all those companies (or more to the point, from all of the teams whose sites you have been granted access to. Team management is left to each company and they may pool all of their license in one team or spread them over many for reasons that are theirs).

So your user will have multiple ShotGrid licenses assigned to it, but like keys in a keychain, keys will only work with specific locks. There are no master key, and you cannot buy your own key to access another company’s site; they need to provide one for you.


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