Migrating to Autodesk Identity

Hi, I just saw the notice that we have not started out “migration to Autodesk Identity”, but it was the first I had heard about it. Is this migration required? Is there a deadline to complete it? I don’t want to do something potentially disruptive to our pipelines at this time when we are trying to finish a release.

Thanks for any info,

Hey Matt,

Yes the migration is required by Autodesk. I think everyone needs to be migrated by October. You should get in touch with your Autodesk Rep to get more details.

Here is a link for Admins on how to do the migration

Migrating ShotGrid to Autodesk User Accounts (for Admins) | ShotGrid | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Were emails sent to site admins or anything? I don’t often need to use the SG site itself so this was the first I had seen anything about this, and that’s kinda critical information to know. (Also, that timing is very bad.)

Hi @mgarward

There were a number of communications:

  • multiple emails were sent to the persons in charge of the subscription/support agreement, to let them know of the upcoming changes and when their old Shotgun entitlements were converted into ShotGrid licenses
  • an email was sent to all ShotGrid site admins, a bit after June 9th, to let them know that their site could now start the migration to Autodesk Identity
  • a blue banner is shown to all admin users, informing them that their site can start the migration, and a new Migrating to Autodesk button appeared in the GUI in top horizontal menu

Email communications are dependant on our records being accurate (not an easy feat). The emails sent to site Admins also relied on the user’s email being accurate/up-to-date. We have to also avoid being swallowed by spam filters and such… And the email has to actually be read. The blue banners could be dismissed, and thus forgotten.

Which is why we are now moving on to the phase where are displaying more visible banners, which cannot be dismissed. Expect more and more visible signs as we approach the deadline.

We want to avoid a rush on the days just ahead of the cutoff.


This makes me worry that our site doesn’t have any actual “site admins” or somehow the few of us with Admin rights aren’t actually identified as Site Admins at all. For example, I do most of the admin in SG when we need it, but still don’t see any blue banners, just the new red one. I wasn’t trying to accuse you of doing anything sneaky, especially for something this big, but more trying to work out what was done and how I missed it, and how to avoid that in the future.,

We are working with other teams now as they work on their migrations, and will work on it in earnest next week after they test the waters for us.

Hi @mgarward

My apologies if I came across as defensive, I did not perceive any negative things from your comment.

I was just trying to highlight that communication is complicated… finding the right way, correct channels, proper phrasing, is difficult and fraught with pitfalls and edge cases.

As a company, we can always do better, and must try to improve.

In this specific instance, with the October 1st deadline looming, the margin to manoeuvre is getting slimmer by the day.

Regarding your site admins, and subscription owners, I cannot speak for your specific case (I cannot tell your real identity, or locate your ShotGrid site to review how things are setup), but you are likely not the only company in a situation where our communications may have failed.

Which leads us back to the more noticeable banners…

Hoping that things will go smoothly for your transition.


@mgarward I suggest you start today. “As asap as possible” so to say. Don’t count on any support in any form, you will get none! Or way to late. Communicate with your production, you could encounter show-breaking bugs and so on, so a small down-time would be a great idea, which would probably allow you to sleep few hours a day :smiley:

On the topic of banners. Our studio is fairly confident we’ve successfully completed the migration: all users are logging in via Autodesk IDs and by all appearances the SG site is linked to the appropriate group on the Autodesk admin portal. Which begs the question whether this banner we’re still seeing is predicated on the condition that the site is fully migrated or just a standard notification that we can safely ignore and close?

Hi @nico.vandenbosch

This is a dismissible banner.

At the moment it was put up, it was on sites that had yet to fully migrate. It was meant as a reminder.

If your site has indeed completed its migration, then you can safely disregard this message.

As an admin on the site, you can confirm that your site is fully migrated when you see the mention of a seat count in your People page.


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