"ShotGrid account migration to Autodesk Identity has started" emails

Hello ADSK,

Can someone clarify who these emails went out to today? Our hunch is that they only went to users who are Admins on our site. but we’d like to verify this so we can gage who we need to follow up with to calm them down…


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Hi @kporangehat

Yes, at this time only admins are receiving the emails… and getting banners when logging onto the site.

As of now, targeted sites have been those of Monthly clients (those paying from Account Center) and non-production sites of larger clients. There are multiple waves planned.

I admit that the emails could be more detailed as to which site it is about. For companies with only one site, this is obvious to them. But for companies with more than one site, or with non-production sites, it is not clear.

Until that gets clarified in later communications… The email is sent from the site itself. You can look at the source of the SHOTGRID logo at the bottom of the mail to see the impacted site URL.

My go-to trick : I drag-and-drop the icon from the email into a web browser then look at the address bar… Yup, hacky… and yucky…


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Hi guys,

Not everyone is an Admin on our site. Me being the sole TD over here and in our site as “Dev”, I wasn’t even aware of this and just got this email yesterday. Was there any notice given? I have opened a ticket through Autodesk (since I assumed thats where it needs to be) and have yet to get a response. Could someone reach back to us?


Hi @sz200

Given that only an Admin on the site can start and manage the migration, it made sense (at least to us) to email only the site admins. Counting on them to propagate the information as necessary.

As for an advance notice: all of the contract owners (a.k.a. Primary Admins, those that are tasked to pay the fees to Autodesk) should have been previously contacted to let them know of the upcoming changes in the billing and licensing. The first communication was May 12th, followed by a reminder on June 9th. Wether this was communicated within the company is outside of our control.

It is no easy to target communication : we cannot email all of the users on the ShotGrid site, as some of these people may be external resources, we cannot rely on other permission groups or organization structures as these are specific to companies.

Could you clarify what your expectations were ? How would we have been able to target you specifically, given that you do not seem to be a Primary Admin, and you mention not being a ShotGrid Admin.

As for your support call to Autodesk, you leave no indications or clues as to who you are or who you are working for, so it is difficult to associate you with an existing ticket.


In all honesty, I would have expected a notification out to Site Admins, Admins, & Devs or even a banner across the site as has been done in the past to catch attention (TSL Enforcement). Our Site Admin is likely gone. And the info was never changed after they left. Productions have revolving doors on employees. Finding out late in the game is a big issue for us.

Hi @sz200 ,

I can totally understand your frustration, being left in the dark is never a good thing.

Communications is a not a simple thing; there is always room for improvement.


Hello Patrick,

We have several Account admins on our Shotgun/Shotgrid site (from the account.shotgunsoftware.com page), but only one person is receiving any communication about this. I’m the primary IT contact for our Shotgun, how do I ensure I get these emails in the future?

Thank you.

Hi @mworley ,

Our communication efforts, up to now, have been divided between two different groups of clients.

Monthly clients (a.k.a. clients using a credit card entered via Account Center)

  • the Account Center users tagged as having the Account Administrator role were contacted via email, to let them know of the upcoming changes to the licensing and create a new account on the Autodesk eStore (as credit-cards could not be migrated from our old system). If you had the System administrator role, no communication was sent to you (as you have no financial role).
  • the migration process has been enabled for them from June 7th,
  • they have a limited time to complete the process and link their site to their account (roughly 60 days from the time of their last payment).

Yearly contracts and other EBAs

  • the contact person mentioned in the licensing agreement (I believe there is only one) has been contacted. They were informed of the changes, and the fact that licenses would be deposited (based on their current agreement/usage) into the account of their Primary Admins. The timing of this transfer will vary from one client to another, as this is a manual process. It is planned to be complete by mid-July I believe.
  • the migration process is being made available in a series of waves, where sites are chosen at random. This is to allow us to oversee the transition and monitor changes to our infrastructure. It was not feasible for us to open the gate for everyone at once.
  • these clients have until October 1st to complete their migration and link their site(s) to their subscription.

In both cases

  • the ShotGrid administrators (e.g. those with the Admin permission group, and those with access to the administration menus and ability to invite users) were send an email, whenever migration was enabled on their site.

Future communications are planned : reminders, as the cutoff date approches for sites who have not completed the migration and linking process.

To come back to your specific case, to get notified in the future:

  • if you do not have the role of Account Administrator on Account Center, ask one of the current admins to promote you to that role.
  • if you have an account on one of the ShotGrid site, ensure that your role is either Admin (if it has not been renamed from the default/original name) or that your permission group has access to the admin functionality
    Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 16.57.02

You mention that only one person has received any communication, and that others should have been contacted but weren’t. Did I understand correctly ?

Would you mind sharing the details in a private message with me, so that I could investigate further ?

One obvious caveat is : we are dependent on the information (email addresses in this case) being accurate.