ShotGrid account switched to different Autodesk account!

Here’s a weird one:

I have two SG accounts: Admin account and Vendor account (for testing). Each is linked to a different Autodesk account with a different email address.

SG Admin account → Autodesk work account (work email)
SG Vendor account → Autodesk personal account (personal email)

OK. So suddenly, somehow, my SG Admin account got linked to my Autodesk personal account (personal email). So in SG now, my admin account now has my personal email and vendor name (same as the SG vendor account).

Regarding how that happened, I’m not sure. I was not messing with accounts yesterday, though I did create a Personal Access Token for my vendor account (admin account already had one), and my Autodesk ID may have been signed in to admin or vendor (not sure). Either way, it’s very concerning that an SG admin account can suddenly change to a different Autodesk account / email! This is a severe security risk if multiple users share a computer.

Regarding how to fix this, I’m not sure. The only documentation I can find is to bind an SG account to an Autodesk account for the first time. I don’t see how to switch a user to a different Autodesk account (which, apparently is possible since it happened without my knowledge). Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Deleting / Recreating accounts, or changing email address on the Autodesk accounts are not options as each account is already correctly linked to work or personal emails.

Thanks in advance.

You’ll have to make a ticket with Autodesk support to have this fixed - it’s a backend operation

Thanks @schicky. Do you know how this may have happened unintentionally?

No idea - I just know I needed to ticket cases in our org where the AD account was pointing to the wrong email

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