Migrating Autodesk Accounts - Alternative Approach

I’ve been migrating all our accounts, but a significant amount of people don’t seem to be getting the emails. I’ve been resending them but some people can’t find any of them.

Is there another approach we can use to get people set up? If we get them to just manually make an Autodesk account with the same email, will we need to do an extra step to link that account or will it just work? I’ve signed up to tomorrow’s Webinar but I’d rather have a solution ASAP if anyone else has dealt with this.

Hi @Gary

Regarding the email not getting through… Are these only the emails with the invitation send from the Migration tool ?

Chances are, these users have not been getting any emails from ShotGrid for a while. Only now that it is essential is it noticed.

We use Amazon’s SES for email delivery, and it is an unforgiving tool : one bounced email (or one user reporting a ShotGrid email as spam) will get that email address put on a no-fly list.

The only way to clear that is to contact support, with the email addresses of the suspected victims. We will contact AWS services to re-allow emails.

Once a user is invited, that email is reserved and cannot be used to create a new account from scratch. There are 2 solutions to this:
1- get the email address taken off the no-fly list, and resend the email from ShotGrid, or
2- have the user attempt to log in to https://profile.autodesk.com and hit RESEND when faced with the error message warning about the reserved email. That email is sent from Autodesk Identity, not ShotGrid, so it will not be subject to the AWS email filter. But the user will receive a generic Autodesk-branded email, not a ShotGrid-branded one.

Hoping this helps,