Autodesk Email problems


is anyone else having constant issues with the Autodesk ShotGrid invitation emails or Password reset emails not being received?

We sometimes have an issue where the ShotGrid account is created before the users email is active, so logically the Autodesk email will bounce. But a reset Password email should logically then restart this process but it doesnt. The emails are consistently not received by various users.
(No matter if the above issue happened or not)

This is on Office365, and no, the email doesnt land in Spam or Junk…

Anyway to check this or anyone have an idea?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch

ShotGrid uses Amazon’s SES to send emails.

When SES detects a bounced email (or receives a complaint from an email marked as spam), it places that email on a email suppression list. Meaning that any attempt to send an email to that destination will fail.

To fix this, you need to contact support and mention the email / domain impacted (we can search by individual email or by domain).

To avoid this, please avoid sending emails to non-existent mailboxes.


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Thanks Patrick,

have addressed the onboarding workflow to make sure to wait for mailbox setup.
Hope this will mitigate the issue :slight_smile: