This account is reserved and pending creation via an email invitation. INVITATION SENT. CHECK YOUR EMAIL

I dont see User email to in his account , I even unassigned and re assigned the User still I cant get a confirmation email to be active in shotgrid



As far as I understand, if the invite email was sent when the email address wasn’t yet active it bounced and the system would put it on a blacklist.

You have to contact Autodesk Support to get them of the blacklist.

Alternatively, ask the artist to use that email address to register a Autodesk Account manually. That should solve the issue.

I figured it out , I had to re-enable the user to Shotgrid

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Unless you need to handle other product access via Autodesk Accounts I would advise not to use the Autodesk accounts web UI to assign Sg Licenses.

As long as you have free seats you can enable new Sg users from SG itself.