Broken invitation EMails

Hello community!

Does anyone have a clue, why am I not capable of inviting artists anymore. Few hours earlier I’ve successfully added a new user. Now it is not possible any more (a spare seat/lic is available). The mail, the artist gets has just an URL to our shotgrid site, but no account is being created. We had the idea, the artist could already have an ADSK account on this mail, but he is constantly failing by the “robot” test. No solution works. Every approach ends in “temporary not available”.

Can someone shed some light on this problem?

Screenshot of a working email:

Screenshot of a “broken” email:

Hi @dietmar.kreider

The email with the “ACCEPT INVITATION” button will only be seen for a user whose email is not already associated to an Autodesk Identity account or one who was previously sent an invite but has yet to complete their account creation. The button’s link is unique for that user and allows them to set a password.

When an email is found to be associated with a fully created account, then the email invite will simply point back to the site’s URL (when the site is still a trial site) or to (when the site is linked to a team and subscription). is a “lobby” that shows the user all the different sites where they are licensed. You do not need to pass by that lobby. You can access the site directly by using its URL.

If you invite someone when you no longer have any seats available, the ShotGrid user will be created in an inactive state (in the People page, clear all the filters to see active and inactive users)

Once a seat becomes available, you can just enable the already created user.



Let us know if you still have an issue.
If you do, its also worth actually creating a case with Support who can look into your actual account.

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