SG not sending invitations

Hi, community.

Today I’m having trouble to add an artist to out SG site. Adding a person does not send an invitation email. As an admin I can impersonate myself as created user, but there is no ADSK account connected to this person. Does any one know, what is happening?

best regards, Dietmar

Hi @dietmar.kreider

As an admin, impersonating another user will not show that user’s Legacy Login and Personal Access Token panel. It is only shown when the logged-in user is that user.

In the People page, you can add the Autodesk Account Status column to see the account’s state.

Is the user marked as active or inactive on the People page ?

As for the invitation email, that user’s email may be on our email-suppression list.

If ShotGrid ever tried to send an email to that address in the past, and the email bounced or was reported as spam, it will be put in our email-suppression list. No email will ever be sent from ShotGrid to that address.

You will need to create a support ticket to get that email removed from the suppression list.

I am sure that the user has already checked their spam folder… Maybe triple-check that the email used was the correct one.

Hoping this helps,


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We have faced the same problem on a new shotgrid site, some of the users didn’t received invitation mail and by the way some of them are already long time users of another shotgrid site and they have Autodesk account as well, so not sure does the blacklist have anything to do in this case.
I simply sent a link of our new shotgrid site to the all the users that didn’t get the invitation in their emails and when they tried to log in and retrieve their password a notification appear telling the user he is already invited for this site and does he want shotgrid to resend the invitation email?! Clicking yes makes the precious email to appear in everyone’s email.


Hello! Thanks a lot for the quick response!

Makes sense :smiley:

Status is pending. Invite expiry date: 22/02/08


As we are talking about a new employee, he has got a new corporate email address. And than, after trying and failing to get him invited to SG, I’ve even created another mail address for forwarding. Which did not help too. I will now try to send an invite to another address, which has nothing in common with our domain. But I have a tiny observation - there are 8 another active accounts running on our site, that has the same mail domain. So we could have been landed on the blacklist in the first few weeks of 2022.

I will report about my trials with other mail domains.

As mentioned above - it’s no applicable in our case, as it’s an email created by my self yesterday :smiley:

Now that’s interesting, I will test it for sure!

Thanks a lot guys!!!


Nope, didn’t work for me. Sort of…

As you can see on the screenshot, there was a button for “resending the invitation”. I’ve clicked it, and voilà, the mail arrived.

Yesterday I was spamming the “Resend Invite” menu action on the “People” page in SG, but nothing happened.

Thank you very much, @Niki !

Yeah, I also tried to resend the invitation trough the People page but it didn’t worked. The only way it worked for us was when the new user itself follow the link and click the resend invitation button, like in your first test.

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Hi @dietmar.kreider

Was the ShotGrid user created prior to the email account creation in your company’s email service ? If so, that would be the cause of the issue.

Also : has there been any generalized issue with your email service recently ? If for a few minutes/hours it was down (or misbehaving) and was bouncing emails sent by ShotGrid, those email would also be added to our email suppression list.

The email suppression list works on individual emails, not domains.

But if you open a support request, you can ask us to check for your domain and re-instate any email found. But do include the email of this new user (and ask if it is present or not on the suppression list). Because if it is not present, it may be indicative of another issue (either in ShotGrid or somewhere on your email service provider)


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Sounds very reasonable. I can ensure, that we had no email provider issues, as every one, me including was using their mails at the moment. I’ve created the email address one day in advance. But whatever it was, i’ll create the ticket, so the Support team knows about the issue.

Thank you very much for your help and tipps!