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Hi guys,

Shotgun has tasks, which is great for a higher level organizational tool that we use daily, but it really needs a finer grain todo list toolset. We’ve put something together using notes with a custom status, but it’s not optimal - markup is not visible when you display notes outside expanded view, it’s not easy to check off items, hide checked off items, etc. It would be great to have something like that in the core package. We use Asana for project management outside production - for pipeline dev, IT, sales etc, and it’s awesome how well checklists, due dates etc work there.



Hi @Hristo_Velev! Thanks for the feedback - I will pass along the concept of a built in “To Do” to our product team for review.

In the meantime, you could make use of a custom entity and call it “To Do”. You have the options of:

  • CustomEntity if To Do’s are project specific
  • CustomNonProjectEntity for global To Do items, not specific to a Project
  • CustomThreadedEntity if your To Do’s need to have conversations within.

No matter which one you choose, you can set it up and make it your own, complete with Assignments using a Person entity field, To Do description using a Text field, Statuses to indicate where the To Do is at, and a Date field if you need it to have a due date. If you want a more simplistic “status” you could create a checkbox field that indicates when it is completed (check off for not done, check on for complete). Using page filters, when a To Do is checked complete, it can disappear off the page. You can even link your To Do’s to other entities as needed using a Entity/Multi-Entity field.

You could even enable Tasks on this new entity if you wanted to break To Do’s down into smaller pieces. This would allow you to have a gantt view. It really depends on how much detail you need to capture with your To Do entity.

The world is your oyster!

Happy to discuss further if you have any questions.



Hi Beth,

Thanks - custom entities is indeed not something we’ve looked at yet, and what you’re outlining is quite interesting, we’ll check out the docs about more on how to use these, thanks!


I implemented something along these lines for a previous client.
First of all I created a new Note “Type” (called ToDo!).
Then, I forked the shotgun panel app and created a new panel that displays notes only of type Todo, so artists could have a simple list of Todos for their current context.
I also added an “Actioned” field to the Note entity so it’s status could be handled seperately to the normal Note “Open/Closed” state.
Finally, I added actions to the SG Panel to allow artists to right click and hit “Actioned” which would toggle the “Actioned” field and thus remove the ToDo from the list.

To help Production, I created an eventDaemon plugin that would monitor new Notes and if a particular form of Note was created "Eg with the string ‘#todos’, It would create new ToDo type Notes for every item in the note preceeded by another defined character (eg ‘-’ if production are creating a bullet point for each item in the ToDo list).

This meant that production (or the artist) didn’t need to go through the laborious process of splitting a single note which might have many individual todo tasks in to individual notes.

All in all this was pretty cool, but it did require some degree of dedication from Production and artists to make any use of it!

It would be amazing if SG could do something similar along with a Kanban/Trello style board that would make it easy for artists and production to split notes in to todos and set statuses by dragging between columns.


Sounds great, cool ideas that we can try out for sure! And yes, it is important that Shotgun does something in that lines - checking off notes is a lot of what our daily routine is.


Just sharing here in case you aren’t aware, but here is a good post on feature requests to check out since this falls into that category:


Thanks, submitted