Active checklist for tasks

Hi everyone, I work in a post-house that is doing TV adds for 90% of the time. Since the timeline on the projects like that spawn from few days to 8 weeks the most the frequency of additional requests and information is higher and quite often not structured like a morning meeting or weekly status. It’s all over the place.

What we do right now is that producer is writing notes under a specific task - like comping SH0010 etc. Quite often there is a conversation going on and those “2DO” notes with official requests from the agency/client quite often are drowning under the conversation.

I do know I can use tags or Type of the note to distinguish them. It works good for me, not for the artists that are not so happy playing with filtering all the time etc.

What I see that artists are just taking a piece of paper and doing their own 2do list and crossing the requests thats done. The problem with that is that it’s analog and producer cannot see the ongoing level of tasks.

What I would love to see is a chance to do some kind of “2DO” Checklist that is under a task - like a very simple crude task object that does have a text field and binary field - done or not.

Has anyone done thing that is similar or maybe Shotgun might be planning a something similar.



Since Notes already have open/in progress/closed statuses, could you set up a My 2DO Notes page for artists with a saved filter set to “Me” and including the 2DO tag? (Personalized pages are my go-to fix to keep people from having to fiddle with filters.)


I made this page and one of my modelers has been using it and thinks it’s quite handy. Here’s how I set up the filters in case anyone else would like to use it:


A semi-related tip: if you end up using a custom page layout that you’d like folks to reference back to, you can set that page as your default home page (where you go when you click the upper left SHOTGUN logo) to that page. By making the custom page the home page, it’s very easy for people to get back to that super important list of things you want them to focus on.

You can make this change via your user prefs (upper right avatar > account settings > home page > enter the custom page name). Looks like this:

You can also do this for someone if you have the permissions: go to a People page (or the person’s profile detail page) > update the Home Page field


Good ideas, thanks


I am still fighting with that idea. It is very crude i have to say. It would be cool to be able to filter notes and then display them as stream - the same as in overview, rather than clicking on each one of them to se the content.

Hi Flint,

These options are not as pretty as the Overview style of display, but hopefully with a bit of massage could be a bit more functional?

Using Jessica’s advice above for filtering, you could add a new Tab to the Task Detail Page and set it as To Do List, this way the notes are all in context of the task, and it’s a discrete list that an artist can go through and mark as done quite easily by changing the status or maybe you could add a checkbox called Done which when checked removes the note from the list?

You could even group or colour code things based on Client or internal note to help with clarity for the Artist?


Also, Flint, in addition to what David Mason suggested, make sure your folks use the Notes page in the…view that I don’t know the name of, sorry! The one that makes it look more like Inbox than the Notes grid:


At least with this method you just click from note to note and it’s not a click and then back and then click again and back, etc. You can still group & sort with this view too.