Active checklist option in Notes field

Hi SG Team and Community
Working on other production tracking software we often use a Checklist feature in the notes/comments to give a list of notes to be addressed and allow the artist a live checklist to tick off which notes have been done, and which are still TODO.

Is there some kind of functionality like this in the works? or anything that can be implemented currently that could assist and serve this purpose?

The only function I’ve found that comes close is adding a check box field, but that means you would need a note for every comment submitted, which is a lot of admin.

Let me know, thanks!

Something like this?

Hey Ricardo! Like that yes, but it retains the active check boxes so that you can tick them off once you’ve complete another task. Kitsu by CG wire has this functionality for example.

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Add a request to the roadmap, the more the merrier!

As for your particular situation, if you are really having trouble distinguising notes and “change requests” then I would look into tracking change requests as a separate note type or even fancier as a custom entity.

One could then even make a custom web app to add and change change requests or an app that displays this in Nuke/maya/houdini etc.