Client Review App Notes Destination

Hi Shotgunners,

I have gotten our studio up and running using the client review site weekly with our client.

I’m wondering is there a way you can manipulate where notes get saved.

So on every asset our project has, I have a particular notes thread structure that is built per department like this:

So any notes for texturing go into the TXT thread, rigging goes into rigging etc. etc.

You’ll see there’s a notes thread for Client Notes to keep them separate.

However, whenever notes get added to Client Review Site playlist, they appear as new notes - what I call ‘floating notes’ as they don’t have a Subject. They pop in like this:

Is it possible to change the destination of notes input via client review site? So they they would automatically go into/ update an existing thread?

As a sidenote as well, I know when a client clicks ‘Approve’ within the CRS it marks the version as approved, but is it possible for it to also trigger a task status? We have tasks for client review and it would be great if it triggered that as well.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts :slight_smile:




Here’s another example where there are a load of separated notes threads all containing client notes whereas I want to have them all in one asset notes thread called Client Notes:


Hi Suzanne,

It looks like you are using the Note Subject as the “Grouping” mechanism for department/client Notes and then you are using Replies within a Note to keep all department related conversations together. That is a creative option, but any new Notes made within the Client Review Site (CRS) will not be addable to your client thread, which can only contain Replies. A Note and a Reply are two different entities and handled differently in the UI.

Each new Note created on the CRS will only be added into Shotgun as a new Note linked to it’s specific Version/Parent Link/Playlist. The Subject of the Note coming from the CRS will always be the title of the Playlist the Note came from. Additionally, Notes from the CRS will have the Client Note field checked. This field by default is only visible to users of the Manager and Admin Permissions Roles and is a good way to quickly filter for all client Notes.

I’d like to offer up an alternative solution. Instead, make use of your Note Type field. You can add the departments as a list item in that field, including “Client”. Then you can group or filter by the Type field to find all Notes that pertain to that department, or to the client. Within each individual Note, users can have threaded conversations as needed.

This would require a change to your workflow and users would need education to ensure the Type field is filled out on Note creation, but I feel it’s a better way to manage Notes based on the way Shotgun works.

Here is some more reading on the Note entity:



Short Answer:

If you want a CRS “Approve” click to be linked to the change of a Task Status, that could be accomplished using the Event Trigger Daemon and Shotgun API. It’s recommended that a member of your pipeline team set that up. If you don’t have a developer type that fits the bill, I can private message you our consulting partners that can help in these matters.


The Client Review Site “Approve” button on a Version relates to the Client Approved checkbox field and subsequent Client Approved at (date and time) and Client Approved by (name of client user) fields on the Version. This allows you to search for all Versions marked Client Approved and then you can update the Version Statuses accordingly.

If a client enters a note in the comment field of the CRS and then hits “Approve” that Note will have a similar Client Approved checkbox field checked on it.


This is how that same approval Note from the CRS looks in Shotgun: