How can I forward client notes to artist?

What the easiest way?


The easiest way I’ve found at pretty much every studio I’ve worked for is to:

  1. Add the relevant versions the client has given notes on to a Playlist
  2. Open the review notes app on that Playlist
  3. Add the notes
  4. Send the notes as you normally would, with a summary

Thanks. I should clarify. I’m changing artists after the note has been created. I want the new artist to see the note, but if I just change who it’s addressed to, they don’t get it.

Oh gotcha, try changing the “To” field on the note to whomever the new artist is.
ShotGrid should (at least from exp.) make that note pop up in the new artists Inbox even though the note is technically old.

that’s what i was trying , but did seem to work.

Is this for notes generated by the Client Review Site? Or just notes you generated yourself?

I’m assuming these client notes are being provided in a spreadsheet alongside the version name? If so, and your version codes are unique you could try importing the spreadsheet into SG directly from the Notes page via More->Import Notes. From the import wizard, you should map whatever column the version code occurs in to the Notes’ Link field (it will link to whichever candidate entity matches by name, so this is why having unique names is critical for this to work properly).

the notes are in the client review page.

Hi @tpolson, @MatteoVeglia,

Here we created an extra checkbox to send the comment to the artist.
Behind this checkbox there is custom code that will duplicate the comment and make it an internal node. Then also put the task on retake for you.

The methode we used before this was to go to the note tab on the shot detail page and just duplicate the note manually.

Hope this helps.


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thanks. shotgrid should just add a forward note function.