Notes between supervisors, hidden from the artist

Hello. In our studio we have some tasks with 2 supervisors.

Is there a possibility of being able to make notes on a version without the artist seeing them?

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There are a few ways to go about this.

  1. Turn off the ability for the Artist permission group from being able to see notes made via the Client Review site.
    Then have your Supervisors make notes via the Client Review Site.

  2. Give Artists the “Vendor” permission group instead, if they are not in the to or cc field they should not be able to see notes on a version.

  3. Option 2 but use a copy of the artist permission group and ask ShotGrid Support to add conditional permissions (best to get comfortable with those first by looking at examples in the Summary of the Vendor permissions group and getting comfortable with ShotGrid’s Permissions model).

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Thanks! Vendor permission is the answer!

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