Notes and seeing only assign shots/sequences


I’m trying to give notes on a couple of sequences on my show. Currently seems that artists can see notes given to the other sequences that they are not assigned to. Was it because I didnt designate who it was to? How do I make it where assign artists get to see their notes but not other artists’ note. Also I how do i restrict only artists assigned to a sequence can see their assignment but not the sequences they are not assigned to?


You would likely have to take a look at the Vendor Permission group if you want to lock things down this much.

By default the Artist Permission Group can see everything in the project but can only change or interact with something they are assigned to.

The Vendor permission group has extra conditional permissions that only allow them to see things they have created or they are assigned to/addressed to.

Please be aware that some pipeline tools will likely need alteration as Vendor Permissions may not allow for some api calls to succeed.

Thanks. Does adding a vendor count against your user/seats?



Vendor in this case is a Permission Group that you have to put the Artists in.
By default the permission group for new users is Artist but Vendor, Admin and Manager also exist by default.

See this for more info: