Client Review site - notes getting published to artists


We’re having issues with one of our shotgun sites where the Client Review notes are being pushed directly to artists. On our other shotgun sites the behavior has been that the Client Review notes are only view-able by our production/supervisor staff until the notes are published, at which point the artists get notified.

The permissions for the Client Review Site for our Artist permission group are identical on both sites, with the “Can See Client notes” checked off. Under the Advanced permissions the "Can see Client Notes is also checked off for both sites.

Could you help us troubleshoot this.



Sorry, I don’t know. But your problem triggered this reply, which you would be wise to skip and leave for another day when you are not struggling with the problem!

Quick fix: tell artists not to read the Client Notes? …because…

Rule of Thumb: don’t use software to solve behavior problems

In my opinion, the only viable reason that one would not want artists seeing client notes is:

The artist may be abitious and immediately start work on the Note from the client before finding out if the production is willing subsidize the work

If that’s the case then you can structure work like this:

  • the Artist reads the client Note, independent of supervision
  • they create a Task that represents the work needed to satisfy that Note
    • they are the expert on what it will take to do the work after all
  • the Artist sets the Task to a “needs approval” status showing that it cannot start without being approved
    • essentially *“here’s what I can do to address this note”
  • if the Artist feels that it’s a no-brainer, they can self-approve and start the Task, otherwise…
  • production can gather “tasks waiting to be approved” so that they can get a clear idea of whether or not the extra work is budgeted, as a whole.

By doing it this way, production gains, and executes, its discretion more broadly and accurately for these mini-tasks that can add up to a lot of un-tracked work.

Production can move these Artist mini-Task fixes to “do it if you have time” queues, which Artists like and respond to well. They can become the hero. You can foster the culture of “go for the bonus” instead of “wait until you’re told.”

The Principles

  • Suppressing information-flow interferes with making decisions
  • Decoupling people from the client and production decisions erodes successful teamwork
  • Use Shotgun the way it was designed: collaboration and information exchange: the more the better.

Happy Philosophy Friday!


Hey Tom,
Sorry for the trouble here, can you create a support ticket, and we’ll check it out:


Closing since this went 1:1 via ZD.