Cannot see a project in artists tasks list

Hi all,

Pretty fresh to Shotgun and just had an issue, that I can’t quite understand what’s happening.

The producer has given tasks to an artists and unfortunately no one ( except the artist) can see the project and tasks in the task list.
I’m not sure if it’s a permissions issue for that project, but it’s seems that’s not the case.

Does anyone have an idea?

Many thanks,


Sounds like the artists have not been linked to the project.
In the project Overview page, there is a People section on the right where accounts can be added to the project

Hi @schicky,

I thought that as well, but the artists have been added to that project, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your help,



  1. make sure everyone (producer, artist, etc) is added to the project on the “people” page. 2) check the permission level and permission settings for everyone attached to the project. (you’ll need admin access). Producers should have manager permission in order to assign tasks to people and see tasks assigned to their team.
  2. Check the filters. Are you accidentally filtering out certain projects?

Hi @pen ,
Apologies for the slow reply! I will double check what you mentioned just i n case and report back.

Many thanks,