Can't change status for Tasks in Pipeline


So I’ve setup Shotgun for the team but Artist permissions seems to not enable them to change status on Tasks. How do I fix this? I would need to fix this ASAP!


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As an Admin, you can right click on a field column header and configure it.
In PERMISSIONS tab, you can choose how each Permissisn Group can edit the status.

Hello so in the permission tab it seems to be correct but people with Artist Role permission still cant change them.

not sure what this means though.


The asterisk (*) after the Permission Group indicates that there’s some special Shotgun magic there that only Shotgun Support can handle, such as “the Artist can only edit the status of the Task he/she is assigned to” or such rules.

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Hmm i see, so do you know how I would proceed from this ? :smiley:

Hi @SMehmeti,

Artists are only able to change the Status field of a task if they, or their group, are in the Assigned To field of that task. Once you assign the tasks, the user should be able to edit them accordingly. Looking at your first image, it appears as though the Assigned to field is empty, so I’m guessing that is where you are running into trouble.


Hello @Beth Thanks for the answer.

I see, so there is no way for me to override this?

I would rather have everyone work in the asset viewer as shown in the image below. Since it would be way more easy to just change CC. This would make it so that the artist can just give some assets to someone else if they have to much to do. The artists needs to do this by themselves since I don’t have time to make these changes all the time.

// Sokol

Agree with SMahmeti, would be great for any artist from the project to have the ability to change the task status. At least make it an option that the admin can enable/disable. @Beth is it possible to do something with it?


This topic is still valid. Would need some help for this. Would be great to be able to override it

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