Edit Selection "Status" & "Assigned To" not working at the same time


I’m having an issue where artists are not able to change “Status” and “Assigned To” at the same time while in the “Edit Selected…”. The only thing it does is that it adds the artist name but not changing Status. It sais “You don’t have permission to edit this field


This is very frustrating since they will have to batch edit multiple assets and assign themselves to all tasks and then then batch edit multiple assets again to be able to change Status.

Also is there a way to not need to be assigned to a task to change status? And or maybe automaticly get assigned to the tasks if you just change CC on an asset?


Possibly the problem is that you are looking to edit Task fields (Status & Assigned To) in an Asset view. The best way is to look at only Tasks, and do a bulk edit of Task fields in a Task view

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@schicky Thanks for the reply

  • If you mean this view then its not what im looking for. Since here i can only edit ONE asset at a time. This only works fine for single assets but not for modules.

  • Since we work with a lot of modules and go through the checklist then the task view is not an option. We need to be able to bulk edit 5 or 50 assets at once.

If editing Task fields in the Asset view is not working for you, you should try these edits in your Schedule page which lists all Tasks. You can adjust filters and grouping to see only the Tasks you need to edit, and can do it in bulk.

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Hmm im not sure where to find the Schedule page? Could you send me a screenshot or GIF? :slight_smile:

Here’s a guide for creating pages. You’d want a Grid View of the Task entity.

Also, here’s a guide for enabling elements of the Navigation bar. That’s where the Schedule page can be found.

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@schicky I managed to fix this only by contacting and filing a ticket to Shotgrid Support. Now we have the ability to change status no matter is someone assigned to it or not. :slight_smile: