Asset/shot status edit permission error

Hi, I’m able to edit the asset (shot) permissions from the shotgun web UI (logged as an artist). But I can’t change the status with API:

Fault: API update() CRUD ERROR #4: The field is not editable for this user: [Asset.sg_status_list].

I want to change the asset (shot) status to IP in the save scene hook, the logged user is the same. The artist role can edit the status according the permissions page…
Maybe a bug?

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Hey Martin,

Artists tend to have a conditional permission in place that only allows Artists to edit Tasks to which they’re directly assigned. So if they’re trying to edit the Task status on someone else’s Task, that could be the cause of the error you’re getting.

Editing task status works ok, but I’m getting the error when editting whole shot/asset status via script hook (no problem in web UI)…

What user is the script running as? Is it a script user, or the artist that is working? Perhaps the script user does not have permissions?

It is a tk-multi-workfiles2 hook, so I think it should run as a logged user (It’s working when I’m using an admin account).

That is indeed weird.

Today I see same error in tk-multi-publish2 :
API update() CRUD ERROR #4: The field is not editable for this user: [PublishedFile.sg_status_list].

Note that I’ve doublechecked that the artist has permission to edit the sg_status_list in PublishedFile.

I’ve turned on “edit” for the whole PublishedFile entity, that has solved the issue. But obviously it is not perfect solution…

Honestly, I don’t know, it could be “expected behavior”? Like, you have permissions to the field, but if the entity itself is not editable… then it’s unclear what should happen.