Change version status with an artist user

Something very curious is happening to me, I don’t know if it’s an error or if I’m missing something to activate in the permissions section.

My artists have always been able to change the statuses of the versions (from any status to any other status, without limitations).

But today an artist informed me that it does not let him change the status of some versions.

This does not follow any standard. For example, there are approved versions that he can change the status but other versions with the same status (approved) that he cannot change the status.

In the permissions field, I have all the statuses enabled, has this happened to anyone and can you help me to fix it?


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UP !

Same bug on my two ShotGrid instances

If its not related to permissions (i.e. artist permission role cannot change version statusses of other users versions) then best to report and create a ticket.

Thank you Ricardo !

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