Not able to update task status and shot status on shotgrid

Hi team,
we are created new permission page for peoples . which are access below fields only.
Changing shot status,
Changing task status
but our artists not able to change task status and shot status.
Please give solution.

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Hi Guys ,
Any solution for above given issue.

I have the same issue, some permissions are locked. Others are enable but artists can’t modify status…

I tried to duplicate permissions… But I have always the same problem with artists…



Each individual status has a permission as well, for example, you can make sure artists can only change a Version Status from new to rev.

You can check and edit these setting by right clicking the Status field → Configure Field → Permissions → Open the permission group of your choice and edit the edit from and edit to checkboxes as you like.

Hello @Ricardo_Musch

Thanks for your answer.

What means the * next to the Artist ?