Artist Permission of "Modify Task"


Our studio is using Shotgun for our art assert pipeline tool. One of our lead artists requested to copy the task. But we are not able to modify the ‘Entity Permissions’ of ‘Edit’ in ‘Task’ and he can’t copy task himself (details see attachment). Is there any way that this can be changed? We will be really appreciated if so!

Thank you,


Hey Rong, thanks for writing in. Right now, the artist permission role has a couple of baked in permissions which you’re likely fighting against. (Tommy gives a good explanation here: Permissions for users)
Couple of options:

  • If you want your Lead Artist to be creating entities, and generally operating on records that they haven’t created, it might be easier in the long run, if you create a new permission role based off the manager rule-set and remove permissions from that.
  • If it’s just this one facet of the permissions that’s not working for your Lead Artist, feel free to submit a support ticket, and we can look at removing this restriction.




Thank you Mason! I already submitted a ticket for removing this restriction. Thanks again!