How do I restrict a permission group from creating tasks

Hi there,

Where is the option within ‘people permissions’ to disable a group from being able to create tasks?Ideally, we in production would like to create all tasks by importing directly from the bid, then assign artists as and when but stop the artists and supervisors from being able to create a new tasks on shots.

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Me again to answer my own question…
it’s within entity permissions on people permissions page.

Also useful to add that you can view on a page drop down in the top right, you can select ‘use as another user’ and view what you are changing without having to pester anyone who is in that group and asking them to test it.



Hi Rebecca,

Looks like you beat us to it, but you are absolutely right that if you want to enable a permission group to create a specific entity, you need to enabled CREATE permissions from your permissions - people page.

This guide explains in more detail how to configure this.

And yes, the assume identity feature can be used to see what another user would see in Shotgun, you can read more about that here

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help.


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