Permission of version and task status


I’m project manager of Vivestudios in Korea.
We are set up with shotgun to start in permission

I have question about permission of version and task with supervisor and artist

I made of supervisor basic on artist that is original setting value of shotgun
but there is something wrong like when they go to version page who have with supervisor or artist permission

they blocked editing mode in version status or task status in version page even I allow the permission at permission page of entitiy version page…

We a use it a lot for QC

Could you get me solution ASAP?


Hi there!

Welcome to the Shotgun Community Forum!

There are some default conditional permissions as part of the Artist role that aren’t editable through the UI. One of these conditional permissions is that Artists can only edit Versions they created themselves.

If you need supervisors to be able to edit other people’s Versions, I suggest making your “Supervisor” role based off the default Manager role, which doesn’t have the same restrictive conditional permissions as the default Artist role.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.