Artist permission control

When a task was assigned to an artist, we want he/she to see other versions that belongs to the same asset/shot, such as a mod task can see an art version, but not other assets/shots that was not assigned to he/she. We don’t want to expose all the assets/shots.
Anyway I can achieve this by editing permission?


Hi @fengxuan,

Thanks for the question! This is not possible with the standard permission controls, however if you have Super Awesome support, the support team can craft what are called conditional permissions for you. Those rules can be as you described, “Artists can see a Version if the Version is linked to a Shot or Asset where they are assigned to a Task linked to that Shot/Asset.”

Reach out directly to support and we can help you with that.

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Hi Brandon,
Thanks for the reply.
How can we get Super Awesome support?

Hi @fengxuan

Supper Awesome support is something that can be added on to your account by going to your Account Centre Site.

Once logged in, you’ll see an option to update your subscription, where you can then choose to upgrade to the Super Awesome Support package tier.

I should note, this only applies if you purchase Shotgun directly through our e-store. If you purchased through one of our re-sellers or local Autodesk sales reps, then you can reach out to them and they should be able to discuss upgrading your contract to the higher support tier.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Okay, I get it. Thank you