Any way to automatically add artist to project if they're assigned a task?

We don’t use ShotGrid for pre-planning purposes, so we bump up against this problem all the time: a director will assign an artist a task, but since the artist isn’t in the project yet, they can’t see it. Then if the director is busy, the artists have to wander around to find someone to add them to the project so they can see their tasks. I understand why some places might need this to be an option but for us it causes way more problems than it solves. Is there a setting or a way I can block artists from being assigned tasks for projects they aren’t in? OR, also fine, automatically being added to a project if they’re assigned a task in it?

It would be pretty simple Event Daemon plugin to write, triggered by activity on the Task “Assigned To” field.

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Oh, probably - we don’t have anyone at our studio to set that up but that’s a good point.

There is no method to restrict assigning artists out of the project. For auto-adding you could use Event Daemon or Webhooks. For both ways, you must have a programmer/SG technical director as the tasks are pretty technical and require good platform knowledge.

Well, dang! But thanks for confirming it’s not something available out-of-the-box that I just hadn’t found yet.

It might seem silly, but have you considered just adding every artist to all projects? Or perhaps allowing them permissions to see all projects?

Not silly at all! A very reasonable question. I have considered that, kinda. I don’t want to assign everyone to every project because then any post created the Overview page goes to EVERYONE, and I think that’ll cause more problems than it solves. I wouldn’t necessarily mind artists being able to see all projects and add themselves, but that’s not something you can turn on easily (you’d have to start with a Manager-level permissions set and then customize it downwards), plus it assumes a ShotGrid familiarity that not everyone has, and might sometimes violate NDAs when we have them. So yes, definitely considered but rejected as creating other issues.

Hi @jlweiss,

The closest thing to this that is built in sg is to use bookings. There is an option in the advanced site prefs that allow project bookings to link people to projects. Unfortunately, it ignore the dates of the bookings and gives artists access to projects as soon as a booking is made even if its for far in the future.
If the booking is deleted or reassigned to someone else then they loose access to that project.
I’d really like the option to have booking dates impact project linking/access but it is what it is.

yep there is a plugin for this in the example plugins.