Permission Role - Add User To Project


I was wondering, if I can give the standard “Artist” permission group the right to
add / assign people (or “Human User”) to a project.
I could not find any not “greyed-out” settings in the permissions…
At the moment, those users are not allowed to do that,
does anybody have a suggestion?


Hi @sebastian.brandhuber,

Generally speaking, we have created the default Artist permission role to only make changes to things that they have created or are assigned to (more details on that here) as it’s not a common workflow practice to have Artists managing people on Projects. Due to the way the permission role is set up, it’s not possible for you to change the default functionality of Artist in this way.

Having the ability to add a new person to a Project has been taken into consideration for the Manager permission role as they are most often the user that manages resources.

Let me know if you have any further questions!


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Hi Beth,

thanks for the reply.
My intention was only to have a “cg-lead” permission role that has the same function as the default “artist” role - but is able to add people to projects and add things like a new “asset_type” entry to its list.
Since both default artist and manager roles were not able to do this (or I could not make it work) - I just used the “admin” as a default and changed most of its settings back to default artist permissions, which is working fine for me now!

Thank you,


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That’s awesome - you got it! I was going to recommend Additionally, there are conditional rules you won’t be able to re-apply to mimic Artist like “User can only EDIT their own stuff”, to put it into a loose nutshell. So your cg-lead may be able to EDIT all things, even if they didn’t create it. Which, may be ok for your workflow, but I just wanted you to be aware.

Glad you found your solution :+1: